The Best Keto Meal Delivery Services

Many people find that the low-carb, high-fat diet helps them attain their health goals. This includes weight loss and better blood sugar management.

Still, sticking to the diet demands a lot of time cooking, meal planning, and meal prepping. Luckily, meal delivery services can ease some of the burdens of keto meal prep.

This kind of service offers meals or meal kits that meet your nutritional needs. This can save you a lot of time in the kitchen and make holding on to the keto diet easier.

Low-carb meal delivery services also allow you to build up a pretty special menu. That way, you aren’t eating your go-to keto wrap every day. Plus, you don’t have to bust the bank if you don’t want to.

There are loads of affordable keto meal delivery services out there that offer lots of yummy, budget-friendly choices. Hence, we’ve created this list of keto meal delivery services based on the following criteria:

  • Cost. How much does per serving cost? Is a subscription needed?
  • Customization. Can you customize your orders with add-ons or other alternatives?
  • Ingredient quality. How are ingredients picked, and are they of high quality? For example, is the produce organic and the meat grass-fed? Is the seafood sustainably sourced?

These means of raising or harvesting meat are held more ethical than conventional farming practices. Moreover, grass-fed beef and cage-free eggs are believed to be more nutrient-dense than conventional ones.

Here are the best keto meal delivery services for 2020:

Snap Kitchen

Snap Kitchen has tons of variety for all your keto meal requirements. The delivery service operates with expert dietitians to build portion-controlled plates.

Their products are also gluten-free and don’t contain antibiotics and hormones. So you can rest easy knowing that you’re consuming only the highest-quality ingredients.

Moreover, Snap uses a carb guideline of only 30 grams of net carbs per day. And according to them, it helps improve mental clarity, blood sugar and gives you more energy overall.

How it works: Customize your meal plan by choosing specific meals at the beginning of each week.

You can purchase your meals in packs of six for $69.99 or 12 for $114.99. If you reside in one of the 38 states listed on their site, you can get your meal delivered straight to your home.

Once you accept your box, all you have to do is plop the container in the microwave or heat up the meal on the stove.

Proper Good

Proper Good is relatively fresh to the scene, and while their line of offerings isn’t huge yet, we have a feeling it will be. The company’s schtick is soup—healthy, easy-to-make soup.

The two keto types, sweet red pepper and meatball plus chicken and mushroom, have zero added sugars and are low in net carbs. 

You’ll save tons if you purchase them as a 6-pack (two of each keto variety), and the cost goes down even more if you subscribe for a regular shipment of them.

Fresh N’ Lean

Fresh N’ Lean products are total ~fresh~, organic, and made by real chefs. The service also switches its menu every week, so you never feel like you’re having the same old meal every day.

Also, the main plus? Fresh N’ Lean will send you breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all with zero-prep needed. Just reheat and serve.

How it works: You can order a week’s worth of meals or just single servings when you purchase from this service.

While prices change, one dish will cost roughly $11.00 per package. If you fancy what you tried with one dish, you can commit to five days worth of meals for $172 or seven days worth for $240.

Considering you’re fixed for every meal all week long, you might be able to justify this steep price.

Paleo on the Go

Paleo On The Go isn’t keto-specific. That said, there are still lots of keto-friendly choices available on the site. We recommend their shrimp pad thai, white chicken chili, chicken soup, and warm bone broth.

POTG guarantees to deliver your order in two days or less, and all you have to do is put your meals in the freezer until you’re ready to put them to good use.

How it works: Place your order before 4:00 EST Monday through Thursday and before 2:00 EST on Friday, and you’ll get food the very next day.

In the “Keto Sampler,” you can arrange seven meals for $125.00 or check out tons of other choices that are paleo and Whole-30-approved on the site.

Are you wondering how to heat things? The microwave and oven demands vary by each item. Regardless, there’s almost no prep included in these straight-to-your-door meals.

Pete’s Paleo

Again, not keto-specific but still keto-friendly all the same. Pete’s Paleo will deliver tons of meal possibilities to your doorstep. These are meals made of fresh, seasonal ingredients and are prepared by chefs.

If you’ve ever thought like you’re running out of choices with Keto, Pete’s has so many inventive meal ideas that are already fully prepped. Just heat them, and you’re good to go.

How it works: If you require meals in bulk, Pete’s has got what you’re looking for.

Purchase meal plans in sizes of 5 for $79.95, 10 for $149, or 14 for $196. Want to have food available for your whole crew, too? There are family plans with five meals of four servings each for $280.

So, feel free to mix cooking meals and prepping for family dinner off of your checklist.

Home Chef

Home Chef enables you to prepare elegant, restaurant-quality meals within 30 minutes skillfully. The delivery service is manageable, with menus set five weeks in advance, granting you plenty of time to plan. 

You can also mix and match to fit your food choices. Moreover, you’re able to customize delivery dates and skip weeks when required.

Finally, rest assured that Home Chef utilizes sustainable, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.

Sun Basket

Sun Basket isn’t a keto-specific meal delivery kit, but it is an excellent subscription service that has tons of diet plans to choose from.

For Keto, you’ll want to choose The carb-conscious Meal Plan. It focuses on a rotating menu of recipes that has 35 grams of net carbs or less. Each serving also has 25 grams of protein. Healthy fats from nuts, avocados, and oils are also added into the mix.

But the most satisfying part? The protein sources are organic and free of antibiotics and hormones.

How it works: You decide to receive anywhere from two to four recipes per week for a minimum of two people, with every meal costing about $11 to $12.

Are you confused about what you want to try? Let their in-house Chef choose for you.

Skip a week, cancel, or change eating plans whenever you want—Sun Basket makes it almost too simple.

Territory Foods

Another meal delivery service that has options? Territory Foods relies on chefs and nutrition specialists to create entrees that check every diet plan’s boxes.

Their über-popular Keto Reset eating program markets around plenty of healthy fats and least carbs. Their meals come with keto-friendly veggies for optimal health.

Heads up: Territory’s Keto subscription-only delivers lunch and dinner meals only.

How it works: Territory will deliver meals for free at local gyms and other accessible locations or drop them off at your doorstep for an added $8. You can decide twice-weekly meals to be delivered on Mondays, Thursdays, or both, but prices alter.

You can also choose from two different meal sizes, so if you manage to eat on the lighter side and don’t want to waste food, you don’t have to. Smaller meals cost about $10 or more each, while the slightly larger, standard size will come in closer to $13-plus.

Green Chef

Green Chef offers organic meals that you cook at home. They also service other dietary requirements, so you need to make sure you order from the keto section (which is also gluten-free).

How it works: Plans vary but usually cost around $12.99 per meal for the keto plan, per the company’s website. You can sign up for a two-person plan that provides you three dinners for two people that’s delivered once a week.

The ingredients for the meals show up, and then you cook them yourself. Green Chef affirms all meals can be made in 30 minutes or less.

If you want a meal-delivery service that lets you know what goes into your food, the Green Chef is for you.


FACTOR is big on grass-fed meats that are clear of hormones, GMOs, and antibiotics. They also use a ton of organic produce, according to their website. This is another one that services all diet types but provides keto-friendly meals (just look for the “K” for Keto at the bottom of the recipe).

How it works: FACTOR delivers a collection of different packages, varying from $60 for four meals a week to $198 for 18 meals a week.

You have two choices with your plan: You can pick your meals each week or let the company pick them for you based on your tastes and keto preferences. The meals are delivered fresh, not frozen, so all you have to do is heat them up.


Diet-to-Go offers a Keto-Carb 30 plan, which is, as you can presumably guess, keto-friendly. They also provide other diets.

All meals on this precise plan are made to provide you only 30 grams or fewer carbs a day. They don’t offer fruit, bread, sugar, or any other standard carbs on this plan, either.

How it works: Diet-to-Go will ask you many questions about the kind of foods you like. They’ll also ask whether you require food delivered five or seven days a week, as well as how many meals you want a day.

For two meals a day for five days (lunch and dinner, plus sides), you’re generally looking at $137.99 per week or $13.80 per meal. Delivery dates vary on where you live, but you can expect to see your meals about three days after ordering them.

Provenance Meals

Provenance Meals doesn’t have a rigidly keto meal selection, but they offer lots of low-carb meals. That means all you need to do is pick-and-choose, which meals are best for your diet.

Each of their meals is gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free. They’ve even partnered with a non-profit to transfer meal packages to frontline healthcare workers.

How it works: Provenance Meals is currently only open in New York City, delivering on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 6:00 p.m. the night before to noon.

For $68 per day, you can get your pre-made breakfast, lunch, and dinner delivered to your home or office. There’s no subscription needed. All you need to do is pick how many meals you want and how often each week.

If you’re a fan, there’s a membership option that comes with a 10 percent reduction on your recurring weekly order.

Ketoned Bodies

Ketoned Bodies calls itself the “first regenerative agriculture meal delivery service.” They focus on designing and delivering keto meals in the most eco-friendly way imaginable.

They source their ingredients from farms that follow regenerative agriculture. Meals are delivered frozen to chop down on waste. You can also purchase in bulk to lessen your carbon footprint from delivery.

How it works: Study the menu for a la carte meals ($15.95) or one of the Meal Plan Packages ($150 for ten meals). Their most extensive package (84 meals) reaches $1,135. Orders have to be accepted by Friday at noon EST to ship the following Monday.

Clean Eatz Kitchen

Clean Eatz Kitchen ships keto and gluten-free meals in East Colorado.

How it works: Select meals from the menu or design your own by mixing and matching from their ingredient list.

You can get five heat-and-eat meals for $39.95, plus the shipping is free. There’s also an option to order more significant parts for families, running at $72.95, if you need more food for more people.


Have you always imagined cooking like a Top Chef winner or Food Network star? Well, Chef’d aim to make your kitchen dreams come true. 

The company operates with renowned chefs to create thousands of delectable recipes for their customers. Given the mega menu of meals prepared, you’re guaranteed to find choices that satisfy any dietary needs and restrictions.

Best of all, there’s no subscription minimum. Simply order meals as you go and select the delivery date that works best with your schedule.

518 Kitchen

Meals from 518 kitchens are designed and prepared in small groups by chefs to maximize each meal’s quality and freshness. The meals are then flash-frozen to preserve them as they get their way to you.

How it works: You can create a lunch and dinner box filled with 14 entrees for $162. To prep your box, select from options like Chicken Tikka Masala or the Cauli Mac & Cheese. Once you place your order, the meals are delivered nationwide through FedEx overnight shipping.

Trifecta Nutrition

With Trifecta, you can opt for a weekly delivery of chef-prepared meals prepared. They use organic ingredients, and every meal has a maximum of 20 grams of carbs a day.

Their ready-to-eat, macro-balanced meals also average about 35 grams of fat per day and 41 grams of protein.

How it works: Trifecta gives you the option to personalize your delivery. All you need to do is choose how many meals you’d like per day and how many days a week. You can also have breakfast as an add-on.

Two meals per day, seven days a week, comes out to around $209.86.

Performance Kitchen

With Performance Kitchen, you can get fresh, frozen meals sparked by the Mediterranean diet.

The meals are prepared with minimally-processed ingredients. It has under 500 milligrams of sodium per serving and less than 4 grams of added sugar.

How it works: You can buy keto-friendly meals like a cream chicken with bacon or chicken cashew satay a la carte.

And if you plan on serving more than just yourself, you can opt for the “multi” option on each meal. This will provide you with enough food for 2-3 people.

Delivery in the Pacific Northwest and California takes one to two business days. If you live in other areas, you should anticipate a wait time of two to three weeks.


Though HelloFresh doesn’t have keto options, in particular, they do have a category for low-carb meals. You can see the carb-balanced meals under the “carb smart” tag on their website.

You’ll get the ingredients and instructions to cook the meal yourself in your delivery box, so some cooking is needed.

How it works: HelloFresh lets you customize your plan according to how many people you’re serving and how many recipes you’d like per week. A plan for two people and three recipes per week comes to around $8.99 per serving.

The low-carb, high-fat diet is an excellent choice for many people, but it can require a lot of cooking. Using a keto meal delivery service can save you some time in the kitchen.

Doing so will also enable you to focus on other things while still meeting your dietary goals.

Look for services that offer keto opportunities, are available in your area, fit your budget, and meet any of your other dietary needs and choices.

These keto meal delivery services offer different meal options at various price points. That said, you can find something that will suit your dietary needs.