Lactose-free milk keto

Lactose-free milk is a must on the keto diet. Unfortunately, the lactose in milk is caloric and high in carbs. Milk from cows, goats, sheep (or any animal or mammal) can kick you out of ketosis, which is what you want to avoid.

Instead, opt for natural milks such as almond, coconut, cashew, or soy milk as a part of your macros.

You will find that they are very low in carbs and will still provide you with some protein benefit.

Additionally, the milk will add another flavor into your mix. They are great with smoothies, oats, and even savoury dishes.

What are the ideal lactose-free milks to consume on a keto diet?

  • Almond Milk
  • Coconut Milk
  • Hemp Milk
  • Pea Milk
  • Flax Milk

Are there any other keto-friendly lactose-free milks that you’ve tried? Let us know in the comments below.