Is popcorn keto

Popcorn can be included in a keto diet, however it must be restricted to less than 50 grams of net carbs per day. For more aggressive ketogenic macros, you will need to reduce the amount that can be consumed. Should you consume popcorn on a keto diet? Popcorn is a food that is “Moreish”. So …

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Shark Tank Keto Pills

There’s an online seller that’s claimed to have had the backing of the investors on Shark Tank for their keto supplement business. Unfortunately for those sellers, they have been labelled as a scam and investor Mark Cuban has recommended that this business gets reported to the FTC. The company that has made the claim also …

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Low carb Chipotle

One of the rising stars in the fast food business across the USA is Chipotle. Tasty, quick, Mexican-influenced flavored food with some spicy kick is a favorite for many. As great as it is taste-wise, it can be problematic for people on a keto diet. You can still consume some low-carb options if you know …

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Taco Bell Keto

One of tastiest take-away options that Americans love to consume is Mexican cuisine from Taco Bell. The brand is ingrained in the culture so much so that many people across the US will head to Taco Bell for “Taco Tuesdays”. Great taste is guaranteed. However, the dishes that are typically served aren’t catered for the …

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Ketone Levels Chart

Normal Less than 0.6 mmol/L Medium (ketosis)* Between 0.6 and 1.5 mmol/L High* Between 1.5 and 3.0 mmol/L Possible DKA** Greater than 3.0 mmol/L Source

Keto shopping list

If you want to lose weight successfully with the Ketogenic diet, it all starts with the ingredients that you shop for. If you have the right ingredients in your fridge and cupboard, you will find it easy to maintain the keto diet. Buying fruit for the ketogenic diet. One of the biggest misconceptions with dieting …

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Keto Macros

The right macro split in your nutrition is key to your body going into ketosis. Your body needs to switch its fuel source to burn fat as energy instead of glucose. To do this, you need to starve the body of carbohydrates by keeping it to less than 5% of your overall macros. This will …

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